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About the Author

Dee Alei has worked in team ministry alongside her husband, Dave, for the past 23 years. She is an ordained minister, a pastor, counselor and teacher of the Word who longs to see individuals equipped and released to fulfill the plan and destiny God has for their lives. With a special place in her heart for the broken and the hurting, Dee endeavors to bring encouragement and vision to those who feel hopeless and disqualified. She has been involved with apostolic work in the northeast of England and in Sonora, Mexico and currently resides in northern New Mexico with Dave. Their two children, Lauren and Justin and their spouses, and their two grandchildren continue to reside in the UK. In From Bondage to Blessing, Dee writes with a prophetic anointing that brings fresh insight and an impartation of life to the study of women's roles in the Church. Her fervent prayer is that the entire Body of Christ might arise and step into that place of intimacy and authority that the Lord purposed for His Church from before the foundation of the world.


Foreword by Dr. Fuchsia Pickett

Seldom does a professor, teacher or instructor witness one of their students become in person, "the truth" they have pursued. Dee Alei has devoted herself to the pursuit of what God's Word really teaches about His eternal purposes for women and their role in establishing His Kingdom. As her search uncovered the truth, the revelation of God's Word became a reality to her. In this book she peels away the layers of prejudice created by religion, custom, tradition, and denominationalism, all of which have only brought bondage and confusion to the Body of Christ. I believe this book accurately reveals God's mind, heart, will and purposes for women.

I have read, studied, searched and listened to many share and teach on the subject of women in ministry, but I have not found anyone who has exceeded Dee Alei's writings in addressing the issue, enabling us to find the truth about women direct from the heart of God.



In every undertaking, the end result is often an amalgamation of the insight, impartation and involvement of many people. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of those who helped make this book a reality:

  1. To my husband Dave, and to Lauren and Justin, I say a big thank you for encouraging me in this endeavor and for sacrificing time with me as I plodded away researching and writing. Dave, thanks for your priceless input and unfailing love and support. I am truly honored to be your teammate!
  2. To Fuchsia Pickett, thank you for your impartation into my life and for demonstrating to me what it really means to be a woman of God. Your life is a testimony of how God's grace and power can bring change to the Body of Christ through a humble, yielded woman.
  3. To Tim Pettingale, CEO at Sovereign World thanks for combining enthusiasm and warmth with professionalism and integrity. It has been a blessing to work with you on this project.
  4. To Dee and Wendell Seitz, who allowed me to "hide out" at their Texas farm to finish the manuscript - what servant hearts you have! I'm not sure I'd be finished yet without your help!
  5. To the LWCC gang from Los Alamos, thank you for your love, friendship, support and grace as I first stepped into pastoring and began the process of learning what it is all about. Thanks for teaching me the reality of how this is all supposed to work, giving me a vision of what the Body of Christ can be.
  6. To the students of the NRMTC and members of Lifeline Christian Fellowship in England, I extend thanks to one and all for your continued encouragement and blessing. I pray this book will facilitate the release of greater vision, strengthening and freedom as the Lord works in our midst.
  7. Finally, to Jesus - my love, my friend, my Lord - thank you for Your unconditional love, for picking me up and dusting me off when I slip and miss the mark, and for Your faithfulness to complete the work You have begun in my life. This book is dedicated to You and to Your precious Body. May we increasingly discover and embrace Your mind and heart in these last days.