14 Davidic Principles

God said through the disciple Luke that He would restore the Tabernacle of David so that the rest of mankind would seek the Lord (Acts 15:16-17). Much can be learned about becoming a worshiper in Spirit and truth by studying David's life and his passion to return the Ark of God to his people. This course is a continuation of The Tabernacle of David and looks at 14 principles of worship that King David instituted as he returned the Ark of the Covenant to Israel after it had been lost to the Philistines. A great course for anyone interested in developing a greater intimacy with God in worship.

The principles covered are listed below. To hear an excerpt (about 10 minutes) from any session, simply click on the "play" icon. To download the full session, click on "Download" below the link to the excerpt.

  1. Preparing a Place for the Presence of God. Play
    Download (12.3MB)
  2. The Principle of Gathering. Play
    Download (7.6MB)
  3. Principle of Sanctification. Play
    Download (5.24MB)
  4. The Levitical Priesthood. Play
    Download (10.8MB)
  5. The Priesthood of Lucifer. Play
    Download (10.7MB)
  6. The Concerted Sound. Play
    Download (5.64MB)
  7. Ministry by Rotation and the Chief Musician. Play
    Download (7.6MB)
  8. The Gatekeepers. Play
    Download (6.77MB)
  9. The Sacrifice of Praise. Play
    Download (14.5MB)
  10. Some Final Principles. Play
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14 Davidic Principles

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To download the entire course, click here (94MB).