The Authority of the Believer

Many of us know that Jesus said that He gave us His authority. Most of us, however, find ourselves hindered in properly exercising the authority we have over spiritual things. This course seeks to uncover keys and hindrances to walking in our Godly inheritance. This is not another discourse on how people have and should exercise authority over one another, but a look at the spiritual authority every believer has been given in Christ.

We take a fresh approach to the following topics, asking some challenging questions about some deeply held traditional concepts concerning authority. To hear an excerpt (about 10 minutes) from any session, simply click on the "play" icon. To download the full session, click on "Download" in the link to the excerpt.

  1. Intro, Definitions and Concepts. Play
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  2. Our Position in Christ. Play
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  3. Hindrances to Walking in Our Authority. Play
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  4. More Hindrances - Idolatry. Play
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  5. The Call and Moses' Reluctance. Play
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  6. Final Thoughts. Play
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The Authority of the Believer

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