Digging for Silver in the Word

Most of us understand the importance of studying the Scriptures, but many of us have never been taught how. When we don't know for ourselves what the Scriptures say - and, more importantly, what God intended when He wrote them - we either become confused when different "experts" have conflicting interpretations or we become deceived when Scripture is used out of context to justify self-seeking motives. This is a practical course in how to study the Scriptures for yourself. If you've been hungry to know more about how to search the Scriptures, but can't afford to take time out for formal study, this course is for you!

We cover the topics listed below. To hear an excerpt (about 10 minutes) from any session, simply click on the "play" icon. To download the full session, click on "Download" in the link to the excerpt.

  1. Course Intro and Overview. Play
  2. The Divine Authority of Scripture. Play
    Download (15.6MB)
  3. Benefits and Principles of Study. Play
    Download (10.4MB)
  4. Methods of Bible Study. Play
    Download (7.56MB)
  5. Exegetical, Word, and Historical Studies. Play
    Download (6.93MB)
  6. Study Tools and Resources. Play
    Download (9.13MB)
  7. Spiritual Principles for Proper Interpretation. Play
    Download (7.8MB)
  8. Literary Principles for Proper Interpretation. Play
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  9. Symbols and Types. Play
    Download (10.2MB)
  10. Walking in Revelation. Play
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Digging for Silver in the Word

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To download the entire course, click here (85.6MB).