God's Plan for the Church

Many of us are aware that God brought a doctrinal reform through Martin Luther, but few realize that our change in theology had little effect on the structure the current institutional church. Understanding God's plan for His church will help us more easily embrace the change that God desires to bring in order to free His people from the bondage of religious tradition.

Continuing on from God's Eternal Plan, this course examines God's plan for the church from a Biblical perspective.

We examine the following topics. To hear an excerpt (about 10 minutes) from any session, simply click on the "play" icon. To download the full session, click on "Download" in the link to the excerpt.

  1. Course Intro and Overview. Play
  2. The Church's Foundation. Play
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  3. Ministry - What is it, Really? Play
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  4. The Biblical Role of Women. Play
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  5. Make Us One. Play
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  6. Vessels, Not Mirrors. Play
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  7. Unity. Play
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  8. Authority. Play
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  9. Leadership. Play

God's Plan for the Church

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