Lies We Believe

If knowing the truth sets us free, it stands to reason that believing lies keeps us captive. This course examines some of the most commonly held lies that we, as Christians, unknowingly live out of.

In this nine session course, we examine the lies we embrace, broken down into three major categories; lies about ourselves, about God, and about others. To hear an excerpt (about 10 minutes) from any session, simply click on the "play" icon. To download the full session, click on "Download" in the link to the excerpt.

    1. Course Intro. Play
    2. Course Overview. Play
    3. Introduction, Definitions, and Concepts. Play
      Download (13.3MB)
    4. The Nature of Deception. Play
      Download (13.0MB)
    5. Lies About Ourselves. Play
      Download (16.6MB)
    6. More Lies About Ourselves. Play
      Download (13.2MB)
    7. Lies About God. Play
      Download (12.5MB)
    8. More Lies About God. Play
      Download (14.6MB)
    9. Lies About Others. Play
      Download (11.4MB)
    10. Some Final Lies. Play
      Download (12.7MB)

Lies we Believe

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To download the entire course, click here (107MB).