Principles of Worship

Jesus taught that the Father seeks those that worship Him in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:23-24). For those who desire to become that kind of worshipper, this course is a must. This class was specifically designed to help believers discover and develop the personal intimacy with God that seems to be so elusive in contemporary Christian life.

Topics covered are listed below. To hear an excerpt (about 10 minutes) from any session, simply click on the "play" icon. To download the full session, click on "Download" in the link to the excerpt.

  1. Definitions and Principles. Play
    Download (11.8MB)
  2. The Priesthood of the Believer. Play
    Download (9MB)
  3. Principles of Sacrifice in Worship. Play
    Download (6.67MB)
  4. The Tabernacle of David. Play
    Download (11.1MB)
  5. Expressions of Worship. Play
    Download (5.45MB)
  6. Worship as Warfare. Play
    Download (7.15MB)
  7. Seven Hebrew Words for Praise - Part 1. Play
    Download (7.93MB)
  8. Seven Hebrew Words for Praise - Part 2. Play
    Download (5.12MB)
  9. Worship and Intercession. Play
    Download (8.37MB)

Worship - Developing Intimacy with God

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To download the entire course, click here (72.6MB).