Lifeline Ministries

About Lifeline Ministries

Lifeline Ministries was established by Dave and Dee Alei in 1996 when the Lord directed them to move their family to the northeast of England and establish a ministry base there. After planting a church and ministry training center there, they returned to the United States, and Lifeline was established as a non-profit organization in the state of New Mexico.  Lifeline then received approval from the IRS in early 2004 as a publicly supported organization that qualifies as exempt under section . This means we are considered a charitable organization and donations to Lifeline Ministries are tax-deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. In August of 2005, Dave and Dee moved to Guaymas Sonora (Old Mexico), where they focused on ministry to young people, pastors, and oppressed farm workers. They returned to New Mexico in the Spring of 2012 to plant and pastor the Northern New Mexico Revival Center which they turned over to a ministry team of seven anointed people in the Spring of 2017. They currently base out of Navarre, Florida, where their focus is on developing resources for the Body of Christ when they are not traveling to other countries to minister.

Lifeline Ministries has a board of directors composed of six people who have known each other and worked together off and on for many years.  These six include Dave & Dee, and two other couples: Wendell & Dee Seitz of Turkey, TX and Brent & Nancy Talley of Los Alamos, NM.