I'll Emerge Victorious

By Dave

I've been a passionate follower of Jesus for almost 30 years, and a pastor, missionary, Bible teacher, church planter and leader for many of them. I've had my "ups and downs", struggles, and more than the average share of failures and flaws in my life, but I've always believed that as long as I cling to Jesus, sooner or later I'll emerge victorious.

While our victory is assured, however, I've begun to question the wisdom of embracing this thinking. Not the "cling to Jesus" part, nor the "victorious" part, because both of those phrases are clearly true. It's the "sooner or later I'll emerge" part that has me plumbing the depths of my own heart to ask what I'm believing internally.

I'm beginning to realize that I'm missing an important truth. In my understanding that God has prepared a delightful, fulfilling, and victorious future for me, I've forgotten that the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Here. Now. I've forgotten that the mystery is Christ in me, and that because the King is in me - now - so is His kingdom. Somehow I still haven't learned that lesson. I know in my head that He is the great "I Am", but I still live my life as though He is the great "I Will Be". I hope to emerge victorious someday, as I wait for God to do something more in my life. But according to the Scriptures, it is finished! He's done all He's going to do. Jesus' death at Calvary was all sufficient. Every provision for life and godliness has already been made and the full anointing of His Spirit to overcome every obstacle in peace, joy, and victory is mine for the choosing.

The kicker is that I have to stop believing the "sooner or later" part. In Christ, I am victorious. Right now!