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God has more!!! This section of our site is about sharing anything that will encourage, inspire, challenge, or otherwise help the Body of Christ to press further into the incredible riches that God has for His people.  No matter where we are in our journey with the Lord, from questioning whether He's real or not, to having passionately sought His mind and heart for the majority of our lives, THERE IS MORE!!!

 Internet Disclaimer:

Sharing this kind of stuff, though, necessitates a disclaimer and a caution. The material you will find here is meant to be thought provoking, not "cast in concrete" doctrine. Some of it is interesting material borrowed from others and, as such, does not necessarily reflect our views. For our part, while we do our best to present the person of Jesus Christ in light of Scriptural truth, we are very aware that none of us understand it all (except, of course, the Spirit of God who searches the deep things of God...1 Cor. 2:10)! Because we only know in part and prophesy in part (1 Cor. 13:9), what we share here will most certainly fall short of a full revelation of Jesus. We already know that. All we can do is share what we understand to be the Truth, remaining open to the Spirit of God to continue to mold and change our hearts as we grow in Him.

That was the "disclaimer", now here's a caution from Dave: Jesus' ministry stirred much controversy, especially from the "religious crowd" - i.e. those who believed that they were God's chosen people and sought to protect and preserve His ways. In fact, it was those very people that were so angered by His refusal to uphold their religious ideas that they crucified Him for blasphemy. God told us that His Word will divide between soul and spirit (Heb. 4:12). We also see in the book of Acts, that at the revelation of Jesus, the heart is pierced (Acts 2:37). For this reason, revelatory teaching notonly can be controversial, but will be, particularly to those who are certain they understand the things of God. Over the course of our ministry, we have witnessed many examples of violent opposition from within the Body of Christ to new ideas and ways of thinking ("I've been a Christian for 30 years, pastor, and that's not the way it ought to be done!", "_____ is going to burn in hell because he/she has perverted the pure word of God!", etc.). For all of us, when we read something that we don't understand or that we disagree with, it is easy to become critical and pick up judgments based on our own understanding. This can lead to finger pointing, accusation, the devaluation of other ministers or ministries, and division in the Body of Christ - all of which grieve the heart of God (see Proverbs 6:16-19, especially the last half of verse 19). Saul of Tarsus is a clear Biblical example of a devout, sincere, zealous man who was persecuting Christians in his misguided efforts to uphold the things of God. The modern day version of this same attitude is displayed in dozens of "Christian" websites, "dedicated to preserving the truth", but that do little more than accuse and attack ministers (usually Spirit-filled ones) with whom the authors disagree. For these reasons, if you disagree with what you encounter here, instead of picking up the sword against one other, let's recognize that we're all brothers and sisters, related by the blood of Jesus, members of the same Body. Then, let's give each other the grace to relate to Jesus, the Head, somewhat differently than we ourselves might, keeping our hearts humble, open, and teachable.