Prologue to Dr. Sam Sasser's Book

This is the prologue to Dr. Sam Sasser's book, "Let us Continue to Hold Sister Smith's Leg Up in Prayer", a collection of church bloopers and ministerial slip-ups. I've included it here, firstly, because it echoes our own feelings about the need for us as a church to "lighten up" and allow one another to be human. Secondly I hope to give anyone who may read this a brief glimpse into the tremendous blessing that Sam's example of honesty and transparency has been in our lives. Few leaders are courageous enough to expose our shortcomings and exhort us to laugh at ourselves over them!

The greatest humor in the world comes when people are being human. Life is filled with chuckles. In this catalog of unintended church bloopers I have not recorded those that were unprintable - and believe me, they are legion in number. I have sought to draw from a wide variety of sources that have been laughed at by pastors and church leaders for my 35 years in the ministry. At lunches, dinners and light moments of fellowship we, as pastors, have laughed not at each other but for each other. Anyone who chooses to be a communicator is in danger, but for those involved in ministry there somehow exists an unspoken feeling that they are errorless. Well, I want to pop that balloon. It's untrue! It has taken years to spiritually grow into a real human being. My very humanness is a delight to God, as I seek to keep it in touch with His Holy Spirit. To laugh is good. "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine" (Proverbs 17:22).

Preachers, by the very nature of their effort to direct people to life in Christ, have been the most hilarious people on earth. When a preacher pulls a blooper or guffaw, no one ever lets that person forget it. Alexander Pope said, "to err is human, to forgive is divine." Maybe this light effort that so many have urged me to write, is our preacher's way of saying, "come on - lighten up." So we goofed! Let's laugh and move on. We're not looking for it, but as sure as God is on the throne and the sun will rise in the morning, there's another "dangling participle" around the bend. Someone will lose their false teeth halfway through a sentence on the holiness of God. Some double inuendo, unintended, will double everyone over in laughter. A weary choir member snoring in the middle of pastor's sermon and waking in a moment at his own snore is funny. Oh, maybe not to the "tired one who snored," but to the many others who know they are capable of doing the same thing, it can be a moment of explosive laughter.

It's neat to be real! I trust you will chuckle with me at the material your pastors have provided in this book. Now, let's go take a light slip on some verbal banana peels.

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