Here's where we link you to other sites - most of which are maintained by friends of ours and like-minded ministries. Check them out!

God’s Word to Women
A great site about God's plan and purpose for women in the Church.

Restoring the Foundations
A Biblically balanced approach to freedom, deliverance, and inner healing for the Body of Christ.

G2K - Genesis 2K
Fresh and exciting insight into what God is doing to reform His Church.

Great South Land Ministries
Solid, well balanced teaching from the heart of God through Australian Cheryl McGrath. Check out their online training course, She Shall Be Called Woman. Sure to bring transofrmation through the renewing of our thinking on this critical topic!

Christian International Mexico (in Spanish)
A prophetic and apostolic equipping ministry to Mexico and Latin America.

Shekinah Church
We're related through the Shekinah Antioch Fellowship of Ministers. Great resources!